S.H.E. Said YES

Congratulations! You are a Bride-To-Be

Bride to beAs little girls we have been planning our wedding day since we were five years old and Jennifer Lopez made it so glamorous in the Wedding Planner, but there are other movies like the following that give us more behind the scene action:

Bridal Wars

Brides Maids

27 Dresses

 We get inspiring ideas from magazines, Internet, Pinterest, The Knot and television shows like:

Say Yes to the Dress

Four Weddings


 Becoming a bride is one the most amazing, unforgettable and stressful events in our lives and the “Day is in the Details”, from the colors, venue, tiers of cake, food, guest list, bride maids, invitations, linen, transportations, seating plan and THE DRESS! The most important item of the big day or is it?

 Over the years I have enjoyed wedding planning, but I always found the fun in the extra behind the scene details leading up to the BIG DAY. The little things like

The perfect Jewelry,

Skin perfection and flawless make-up

Destination Weddings & Dream honeymoon location

Bachelorette party, personal bridal shower & perfect honeymoon night

Bride and bridesmaids getting in shape for the dresses

Unique and personal gift for those you love & each other

 S.H.E. Understand that the most important thing about your special day is your BUDGET! What if I can show you away to earn the money to purchase all the behind the scene extra expenses for your special day, while you are enjoying your friends and family. S.H.E. Understands that you are already busy with your everyday life, work, kids, family and now your Big Day

 S.H.E. is where is starts; just by inviting your friends, bridal party, co-workers and family to join you at your home or social media party and earn the bonuses and credits towards your unique bridal needs, like getting in the best shape of your life with your entire bridal party, get your flawless  & glamour’s makeover, plan the destination wedding, honeymoon of your dreams or a bachelorette party to top Vegas for half the price

 Are your ready to say I DO? Great! Just take your time and she what S.H.E. has in store for you and I will be with you every step of the way