Hello, Gorgeous!

You have never been in a better place to find your Simple Heavenly Essence – that elusive “IT” factor that makes you all-the fabulousness that you are. 

As woman, it’s easy to lose ourselves in the demands of work or family, forgetting that we are beautiful, capable, sexy women first and foremost. We are unique in our own ways and that is what makes us divinely made!

 S.H.E. understands your journey! Every woman and man has his or her “Go To” feel good treat. A sense of beauty, self-comfort and confidence is different for everyone and understanding that sometimes achieving this personal balance is harder than just picking something off a shelf!

 S.H.E. specializes in Intimate function, event enhancement, social nights, home & online parties. Housing a number of top direct and wholesale companies giving us a unique twist to any event, and turning your experience into a night to remember with the personal touch of S.H.E.

 We all know there is nothing quite as fun as getting together with friends, family, the girls. Hosting a Jack & Jill or a couples event, finding pleasure treasures to remind us that we are important too.

 The S.H.E. Experience is entertaining, informative, empowering and unforgettable fun! S.H.E. has many layers so take your time, check us out and see what S.H.E. has in store for you.